Woman Arrested For Aiding Fugitive
Brandon Kopf

(KLZA)-- A second arrest has been made in connection with Monday's arrest of 32-year-old Brandon Kopf by the Metro Area Fugitive Task Force in Richardson County. 

Richardson County Sheriff Don Pounds arrested 25-year-old Cherish Lovell Tuesday morning on a felony charge of harboring a fugitive.

According to a probable cause affidavit, U.S. Marshall’s learned that Lovell was Kopf’s girlfriend.  She was contacted March 2, by authorities, who informed her there was an arrest warrant for Kopf for possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.  Lovell was allegedly told if she assisted in concealing Kopf from arrest she would be in violation of the law, and signed a form acknowledging she understood. 

On Monday, the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force, working with  Sheriff Pounds, went to a residence east of Verdon to search for Kopf.  

The resident of the home, Matthew Hillyard, at first would not give consent to search the residence, but changed his mind less than an hour later. Kopf was located, and he was arrested.

Authorities say Kopf and Lovell had been living together in the home, and she was there when the search, and arrest, happened.