Poll analysis: Do Trump and Biden have the mental and cognitive health to serve?   (06/12/2024 4:14 PM)

Do Joe Biden and Donald Trump have the mental and cognitive health to serve as president? A quarter of American voters say neither one does.

Inflation eased in May with prices rising less than expected   (06/12/2024 3:41 PM)

Key report on consumer prices comes ahead of interest-rate decision by the Federal Reserve in the afternoon.

Sandy Hook school shooting survivors graduating from high school   (06/12/2024 2:59 PM)

Many of the survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? are graduating from Newtown High School Wednesday.

NBA legend Jerry West dies at 86   (06/12/2024 1:58 PM)

Jerry West, the Hall of Fame player and executive who was the inspiration for the NBA logo, has died at age 86.

Nearly 4 inches of rain falls in an hour in Sarasota, a record   (06/12/2024 1:56 PM)

Even more storms are expected to hit the region over the next few days after Sarasota saw the most rain ever recorded in an hour.

Home insurance costs are soaring. Here's why, and what you can do.   (06/12/2024 1:35 PM)

"Every year, it goes up and up and up and it's not coming down," one homeowner said of her insurance costs.

Senate Democrats to bring up Supreme Court ethics bill amid new revelations   (06/12/2024 1:26 PM)

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin said he will attempt to unanimously pass legislation requiring the Supreme Court to adopt a binding code of conduct.

One person dies after hijacked commuter bus leads to police chase in Atlanta   (06/12/2024 1:25 PM)

A gunman hijacked a bus in downtown Atlanta and led police on a multi-county chase with 17 passengers on board. Police say about 40 minutes after the chase began, the bus eventually stopped in a residential neighborhood. They blocked the bus using an armored vehicle and the suspect was arrested. One person died after being shot on the bus.

Juror discusses how they reached a verdict in Hunter Biden trial   (06/12/2024 1:24 PM)

The jury deliberated for just under three hours over a two-day span before delivering its guilty verdict in Hunter Biden's criminal trial. One juror revealed the jury was initially divided, but that changed after combing through the prosecution's case and he said the president's name never came up.

How to lower your cost as inflation impacts insurance   (06/12/2024 1:10 PM)

From cars to homes, for many Americans, one cost that is still increasing is insurance. Inflation has pushed homeowners insurance rates up 11% in 2023 alone. Jo Ling Kent explains what you can do to lower your costs.

8 people with suspected ties to ISIS arrested, officials say   (06/12/2024 12:43 PM)

Federal law enforcement officials tell CBS News that eight people with suspected ties to the terror group ISIS have been arrested after they were allowed to cross the southern border. Arrests were made near Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York. Those arrested face immigration-related charges and possible deportation.

Analysis of Hunter Biden's felony conviction   (06/12/2024 12:37 PM)

CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett breaks down Hunter Biden's conviction in his criminal trial and what could happen moving forward.

6/11: CBS Evening News   (06/12/2024 11:07 AM)

Hunter Biden found guilty on all 3 counts in gun trial; Family of Sandy Hook victim creates animal sanctuary in her honor

Political leaders condemn protest at Nova exhibit in NYC   (06/12/2024 1:08 AM)

Leaders are speaking out to condemn a protest outside an exhibit commemorating the victims of the Hamas terror attack on the Nova Music Festival on Oct. 7 that sparked the current Israel-Hamas war.

Jury deliberates in Hunter Biden's federal gun trial   (06/11/2024 1:16 PM)

The jury in Hunter Biden's criminal trial will continue deliberations Tuesday after the prosecution and defense rested their cases Monday. The president's son did not testify. He's accused of lying about his drug use when he bought a gun in 2018.