Singer-songwriter Huey Lewis on seeing his songs come to life on stage   (08/22/2024 12:30 PM)

Singer-songwriter Huey Lewis joins "CBS Mornings" to talk about his new Broadway musical, "The Heart of Rock and Roll," and working through hearing loss.

The Dish: San Francisco chefs   (06/23/2024 11:30 AM)

We go on a culinary tour of the Bay Area, from an author and activist on a mission to teach people about better nutrition to a chef behind the first-ever Michelin star for a Moroccan restaurant. Watch these stories and more on The Dish.

6/22: CBS Weekend News   (06/23/2024 9:53 AM)

Punishing heat wave bakes U.S.; Legendary surfing dog helps people overcome challenges by riding waves

Jade Janks and the Secret Photos   (06/23/2024 6:05 AM)

A woman discovers explicit photos of herself on her stepfather?s computer. Soon after, he?s found dead. Jade is a likely suspect, but did she do it? "48 Hours" correspondent Tracy Smith reports.

The Pact   (06/23/2024 6:00 AM)

A 15-year-old boy goes to a dance and never returns. Teen killers keep a secret for 40 years ? until one of them cracks. "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.

Sha'Carri Richardson wins 100-meter final to earn spot on U.S. Olympic team   (06/23/2024 4:10 AM)

Three years ago, Richardson won the same race, only to see the victory stripped because of a positive marijuana test.

2 hospitalized after lightning strike near PGA tournament in Connecticut   (06/23/2024 3:39 AM)

The strike occurred near a home along a golf course that is hosting the PGA Tour's Travelers Championship.

A Massachusetts family's search for justice in 1969 teen murder   (06/23/2024 2:15 AM)

A teen's murder haunts a Massachusetts community ? more than 40 years later, would a new witness crack the cold case?

Clues and evidence in the John McCabe case   (06/23/2024 1:39 AM)

A teenager's murder in Lowell, Massachusetts, goes unsolved for more than 40 years -- were the clues there all along?

How one family devastated by Hurricane Katrina finally got closure   (06/22/2024 11:30 PM)

For many, one man's pain of losing his wife during Hurricane Katrina personified the devastation of the catastrophic 2005 storm. Hardy Jackson's wife was thought to be lost to the storm surge. Nearly 19 years later, her remains were identified through DNA. Jennifer Mayerle reports.

Legendary surfing dog helps people overcome challenges by riding waves   (06/22/2024 11:18 PM)

Skyler the surfing dog is a beast on the board. And even though she retired from competition, she still loves catching waves for a good cause. Carter Evans has more.

Glitches force NASA to again push back return of Boeing Starliner   (06/22/2024 11:17 PM)

The return of Boeing Starliner's first crewed mission to the International Space Station has been delayed yet again, NASA announced Friday, so it can investigate several glitches with the space capsule, including multiple helium leaks and the loss of several small maneuvering engines. The re-entry had been scheduled for June 26, but likely won't take place until before July. Mark Strassmann has details.

Prince William attends Taylor Swift concert in London   (06/22/2024 11:15 PM)

Prince William and two of his children attended a Taylor Swift concert at Wembley Stadium in London Friday. Swift also posed for a selfie with the three royals.

Trump touts Dobbs decision in speech to evangelicals   (06/22/2024 11:10 PM)

Before a room of conservative Christians at a gathering of the Faith & Freedom Coalition in Washington, D.C., Saturday, former President Donald Trump Saturday touted the Supreme Court's decision two years ago to overturn Roe v. Wade as he seeks to shore up his support among evangelicals. Natalie Brand reports.

Dozens killed in Israeli strikes across northern Gaza   (06/22/2024 11:08 PM)

A series of Israeli strikes across northern Gaza Saturday left several dozen people dead, according to Palestinian health officials. One of the strikes struck the Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza City. Israel's military confirmed it targeted the camp but said it struck what it called "two Hamas military infrastructure sites." Imtiaz Tyab reports from Tel Aviv.