Tuesday, 27 September 2022
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How HIMARS launchers are shifting momentum in Ukraine's fight against Russia
09/04/2022 1:20 PM
Since the U.S. provided Ukraine with 16 High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, the launchers are changing the face of battle, becoming a key weapon in Ukraine's counteroffensive against invading Russian forces.
Webb Telescope captures its first direct image of an exoplanet
09/02/2022 12:19 AM
The exoplanet was first discovered in 2017, but the Webb Telescope was able to capture the clearest images of the exoplanet to date.
5 takeaways from Twitter whistleblower Peiter Zatko
08/24/2022 8:14 PM
Revelations from Twitter's former head of security raise serious questions about what the platform tells users and regulators.
Taking a ride in one of China's fast-growing fleet of robotaxis
08/18/2022 10:12 PM
Tech giant Baidu has human-monitored self-driving test cars rolling around in 10 cities, and it just got clearance to use some without any human oversight.
Apple to release iPhone 14 on September 7: Bloomberg
08/18/2022 8:39 PM
New device expected to have a better camera and longer battery life, while top-of-the-line Pro may have A16 chip.
Smart home tech can help save money on energy bills
08/10/2022 6:02 PM
Programmable thermostats and smart lights can help consumers' lower energy bills.
Watch: China launches crew to its own space station
08/02/2022 4:01 AM
Three Chinese astronauts blasted off and rocketed into orbit Thursday, setting off after the recently-launched core module of China's new space station for a planned three-month stay. Read more here.
Telecom carriers cracking down on robocalls
08/02/2022 4:01 AM
Americans receive over 130 million robocalls a day, but starting in July, major phone companies must adopt a new technology that could stop many of these calls. Dina Demetrius has more from Los Angeles.
SpaceX conducts rare nighttime water landing of its Crew Dragon astronauts
08/02/2022 4:01 AM
Four astronauts strapped into their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, undocked from the International Space Station and plunged to a fiery pre-dawn splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico early Sunday, closing out the first operational flight of SpaceX's futuristic touch-screen ferry ship. CBS News' Tom Hanson reports. Read more here.
Apple slows hiring as tech industry tightens belt, report says
07/19/2022 8:33 PM
Other tech industry bellwethers are also trimming jobs as they brace for slower consumer spending.
DNA testing could help identify 2 victims of Tulsa Race Massacre
06/22/2022 10:20 PM
A search for the graves of massacre victims began in 2020 and resumed last year with nearly three dozen coffins containing remains of possible victims recovered.
A fix for McDonald's soft-serve machines?
06/05/2022 2:11 PM
As the fast-food chain's non-functioning ice-cream machines became a national punchline, tech startup Kytch developed a device that helped franchisees get their machines back online ? and that's when the fight over soft-serve began to really heat up.
Unusual objects launched into space
05/24/2022 6:17 PM
From "Star Wars" X-wing fighters and Hello Kitty dolls, to hamburgers and pizza - just some of the weird objects captured floating high above Earth
Activision Blizzard workers vote to unionize, an industry first
05/24/2022 12:02 PM
Microsoft, which is in the process of buying the Call of Duty publisher for nearly $69 billion, says it will not interfere.
Envisioning black holes
05/13/2022 1:35 PM
Astronomers zero in on some of the most mystifying phenomena in the universe

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