GFWC Art Show Contest Winners Announced

(KTNC) --  Winners have been announced in the 63rd annual GFWC-NFWC District Art Contest at the Stalder Gallery in Falls City.  There are 451 entries in the show and 36 qualified for the state contest.
 A drawing by Falls City High School freshman Emma Beckner was named “Best of Show.”
 Six “Best of Category” Winners were also named. Those “Best of Category” winners were Haley Workman from HTRS; Emily Wilhide, Karle Embretson, and Tucker Merz from Falls City High School; and Kathryn Bieker and Sam Arnold from Sacred Heart.
 Schools represented at the district contest are Auburn Public, Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer, Falls City Public, and Sacred Heart. 
 The GFWC-NFWC State Art Contest will be held April 10-12 at the Marriott Regency in Omaha.
 The student artwork will be at the Stalder Gallery through February 27.

List of Art Show Winners, their grade in school, and school:

Graphic Design/2DDesign/  Computer Generated   
Best of Category *Haley Workman, 11, HTRS
2 *Kathryn Bieker, 12, Sacred Heart
3 *Emily Wilhide, 12, FC High
HM Emily Wilhide, 12, FC High
HM *Nick Anthony, 11, HTRS

Best of Category *Emily Wilhide, 12, FC High
2 *Emma Schock, 12, Sacred Heart
3 *Haley Cochran 12 FC High
HM *Abby Gilkerson, 10, FC High
HM *Haley Cochran, 12, FC High
HM Kathryn Bieker, 12, Sacred Heart

Printing Making   
Best of Category *Kathryn Bieker, 12, Sacred Heart
2 *Haley Workman, 11, HTRS

Mixed Media   
Best of Category *Sam Arnold, 11, Sacred Heart
2 *Abby Neddenriep, 11, Sacred Heart
3 *Karle Embretson, 12, FC High
HM *Chance Huppert,  12, FC High
HM *Madison Olberding, 12, FC High

Colored Pencil/Pencil/Pastels/Crayon/Charcoal Drawing   
Color - Best of Category *Karle Embretson, 12, FC High
2 *Anastasia Finner, 12, FC High
3 *Sawyer Kean, 11, Sacred Heart
HM *Elizabeth Oliver, 11, FC High
HM Krystal Samqua, 11, FC High
HM Emily Wilhide, 12, FC High
Tonal - Best of Category *Tucker Merz, 11, FC High
2 *Robert Hall, 12, FC High
3 *Ashli Jordan, 12, Sacred Heart
HM *Samantha Harmon, 10, FC High
HM *Haley Workman, 11, HTRS
HM Marrissa Stark, 11, FC High
HM Brenden Heckenlively, 11, FC High
HM Brittany Ritter, 12, FC High
HM *Maggie Goltz, 10, Sacred Heart

Ninth Grade   
Best of Show *Emma Beckner, 9, FC High
2 *Tayten O’ Brien, 9, FC High
3 Noah Keller, 9, Sacred Heart
HM Patrick Pineda, 9, HTRS
HM Bailey Armbruster, 9, FC High
HM Molly Brown, 9, FC High
HM Tayten O’Brien, 9, FC High
HM Tayten O’Brien, 9, FC High

Eighth Grade   
1 *Dylan Sutton, 8, Falls City Middle
2 Sara Wertenberger, 8, Sacred Heart
3 Alex Vollan, 8, Falls City Middle
HM Kayelee  Mosiman, 8, Falls City Middle
HM Ryker Hoy, 8, Sacred Heart
HM Brady Keller, 8, Sacred Heart

Seventh Grade   
1 *Jessica Burns, 7, Falls City Middle
2 Jacob Joy, 7, Falls City Middle
3 Aliesha Walker, 7, HTRS
HM Easton Vonderschmidt, 7, Sacred Heart
HM Chaydyn Butler, 7, Falls City Middle

Sixth Grade   
1 *Jessa Beckner, 6, Falls City Middle 
2 Zoie Barker, 6, Falls City Middle
3 Evi Schock, 6, Sacred Heart
HM Emily Wertenberger, 6, Sacred Heart

Fifth Grade   
1 *Jayden Kreifels, 5, FC South
2 Brock Hogue, 5, FC South
3 Mike Wickham, 5, FC South
HM Kyle Bauman, 5, Sacred Heart
HM Dalton Fouraker, 5, Sacred Heart

Fourth Grade   
1 *Zachary Keithley, 4, Sacred Heart
2 Hunter Bauman, 4, Sacred Heart
3 Nicholas Keithley, 4, Sacred Heart

Third Grade   
1 *Carson Sells, 3, Sacred Heart
2 Norah Koechner, 3, Sacred Heart
3 Mackenzie Dougherty, 3, Sacred Heart
HM Evan Keithley, 3, Sacred Heart

Second Grade   
1 *Nevada West, 2, FC North
2 Leila Frederick, 2, Sacred Heart
3 Ashleigh Kirkendall, 2, FC North
HM Mikaela Hawley, 2, FC North
HM Kadyn Strecker, 2, FC North

First Grade   
1 *Cole Schawang, 1, Sacred Heart
2 Quincy Koelliker, 1, Sacred Heart
3 Robert Gilkerson, 1, FC North

1 *Daycee Witt, Sacred Heart
2 Brenden Lemerond, Sacred Heart
3 Cole Taft, Sacred Heart

* Qualified for State

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