Atchison Woman Given Probation on Multiple Charges

 An Atchison woman will serve one year of presumptive probation as part of a suspended sentence on multiple felony charges.

 Lynn Ball had a concurrent seven month and six month prison sentence suspended on the charges of felony theft and felony conspiracy to commit theft Monday in Atchison County Court.

 She was also given a concurrent year sentence for misdemeanor theft.

 Ball was arrested by Atchison police December 23rd for allegedly breaking into a home on December 18th and taking a generator and lawnmower with another individual.

 Ball and another individual were given the felony theft and conspiracy charges on December 30th for allegedly taking a generator from a residence in Potter.

 That individual was allegedly Gabriel Walls.

 His case was continued until March 25th as he is currently in Osawatamie at the Larned State Hospital getting mental health care until May 25th.

 He has been away from Atchison County Jail since January after the jail captain reported Walls was suffering from “psychotic issues.”