Pawnee Co. & Pawnee City Finally Agree on Law Enforcement Contract
City Hall - Pawnee City
Pawnee County Courthouse

( KLZA ) Pawnee County and Pawnee City have finally settled on a new one-year law enforcement agreement.  The Pawnee County Sheriff’s Department will provide law enforcement protection in Pawnee City for the next year.  The City will pay one-and-a-half percent more for the services than paid in the past year.    Monday night the City Council offered the 1 ½ percent increase for the one-year contract and the Commissioners unanimously approved the proposal Tuesday.  
After the City originally rejected proposals of 6 percent and 4.5 percent increases for each year of a 3-year contract an offer of a 3-percent increase for each year was proposed.  The City Council rejected that offer after City Auditor Julie Bauman recommended the City not increase the law enforcement contract any higher than the percentage salary increase given to city employees.
For the current fiscal year Pawnee City paid the County $52,854 for law enforcement services.  That was the final year of a three-year contract.  For the new fiscal year the cost to Pawnee City will be $53,638.