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KAIR Radio's "Beat the Buzzer"

KAIR Radio's Beat the Buzzer!

How to play:

Listen for the “Beat the Buzzer” sounder weekday mornings in the 6 am and 7 am hours. The sounder begins with a "TA-DA" played on a trumpet. That will be your cue to call in!

When you hear it, be caller number 10 to play!

We'll announce ascending dollar amounts, starting with 25 dollars.

Say "Stop" before the buzzer sounds, and you'll win the last dollar amount called.

But if the buzzer sounds before you stay "Stop" lose the contest and win no money.

Good luck!

“Beat the Buzzer”is brought to you by:

Taco Johns
and Union State Bank of Atchison

Official Rules:

1. Contestants must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

2. Contest begins during the 7 am hour on Monday, April 15th, on KAIR Country 93.7 FM. It will continue until we've given away all the money in our “Beat The Buzzer” vault.

3. To play, contestants must be the 10th caller at 913-367-9370 after we play the “Beat the Buzzer” Sounder. The Sounder begins with a “ta-da trumpet” sound effect.

4. The eligible contestant will hear “Billy Lovespoon's” voice announcing increasing dollar amounts. At any time, the contestant may say “Stop”, and win the most recent dollar amount announced. If the contestant fails to say “Stop” before the buzzer sounds, that round ends an no cash prize is awarded.

5. One winner per household.

6. Winners will be responsible for all financial obligations including local, state, and federal taxes.

7. The winning contestant will be awarded a check for the total amount, issued by KNZA Inc., within ten business days of the end of the contest.

8. Employees and immediate family members of KAIR Radio, and its parent company KNZA Inc., are not eligible to participate in this contest.

9. KNZA Inc. reserves the right to change or modify these rules. Any such change will be announced on KAIR 93.7 FM and posted to, under the “Station Promotions” section. A copy of the rules will be kept at KAIR Radio studio. You may call 913-367-1470 to schedule and appointment to view the rules.

10. If you have won the grand prize in one of our seasonal promotions within the last year, you are not eligible to participate in this contest.

11. As a condition of entry, all participants release KNZA Inc., its sponsors, and advertisers from any and all liability arising out of participation in the giveaway and acceptance of prize.

12. All participants as a condition of entry release their name, voice, and likeness and or picture to KNZA Inc. and its affiliates for promotional purposes and shall do so without further compensation.

13. By participating in this contest, entrants agree to be bound by these official rules. Decisions regarding any aspect of the giveaway by KNZA Inc. are final. Noncompliance will result in disqualification.